I am both a journalist and a writer. Links to published pieces are included below.




As a freelance reporter, I’ve been published in a variety of local and state-level news outlets, including the Herald-Sun, Chapel Hill News, The Raleigh News & Observer and others. Some of those articles are linked below.

Body art spiritual ritual: UNC student takes self-expression a bit deeper.

Dogs detect diabetics’ trouble, then help: Dogs trained by Eyes, Ears, Nose and Paws can smell dangerous drops in blood sugar.

‘A New Life’ documents man’s best friend: How dogs are helping inmates in North Carolina.


While working at Don’t Panic Online in London, I published approximately three articles a week. I’ve included links to my favorites below, as well as a brief description of each. For links to all articles written for Don’t Panic, click here.

Nostalgia for the Light: Astronomers scan the skies while Chilean women search for remnants of Pinochet’s victims. Director Patricio Guzman’s new documentary looks at the lasting impact of dictatorship on the people of the Atacama desert.

American Girls: Focusing her lens on Americanness, Ilona Szwarc, isolates and examines innocuous and peculiar aspects of American pop culture. We talked with Szwarc, a Polish photographer working in the States, about identity and connectivity.

Boogie: Serbian-born photographer Boogie turns his unrelenting lens on the urban landscape, finding grace amidst even desperation. We spoke with him about film, people in pictures, and his greatest challenges.

Crafternoons with Rick Ross: Crafted versions of popular raps are getting increasingly common. Here, we’ll dive into the cultural implications of a needlepoint stitching of “Everyday I’m Hustling.”


In fall 2012, I was chosen to be Editor In Chief of Zeitgeist Magazine as part of a class’ capstone-style project. Zeitgeist analyzes pop culture through the lens of the Internet. It’s available as an iPad app, and will also be available in print, though in limited quantities.



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