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perspectives, magnolia stamens in mason jars with masking tape + sharpie marker labels, 2011

Every day in the warmer months, I walk by hundreds of fallen magnolia stamens. One day, I realized that if I saw these unusual, organic shapes outside the context in which I usually experienced them, I wouldn’t recognize them. To harness this idea, I gathered approximately forty of the magnolia stamens and “preserved” them in Ball jars. Then I found forty volunteers, and asked them to write on masking tape the first word that they thought of when they looked at the stamen. The answers varied widely, but the first question they asked, before “what is this for?”, was always “what is it?”


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horizon diptych, wood + gold, 2011


wire figures, copper wire, 2011


organic, earthenware, 2009

(one of a series of 30 similar sculptures)


almost deco, mixed media wall sculpture, 2008


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