gold, roses, and the fresh prince of bel-air


These days, there are a whole lot of riffs on the punk/goth/glam/outsider chic of yesteryear. Pulling from all of those distinctive but done looks, what I’m seeing is an unusual synthesis. For me, it’s a grimy, glitzy kind of drama. For right now, it’s just right.

the inimitable drew then, and lana now. say what you will about lana, but her look is fly. 

The aesthetic walks razor-thin boundaries, alluring and compelling.  In some ways, the trend references/is a tribute to the 90s we know and love. Could Romeo + Juliet have happened in any other time? James and The Giant Peach? The Fresh Prince? They’re weird + wild + wonderful in all the strangest and most familiar ways. But this revitalized style has a swagger all it’s own, and that may be the most appealing element.


Think burning roses and glitter and feminine knuckle dusters, think stitched jackets and bold lines and retro colorways, think gold studs and tuxedo pants and tailored sheers.

porcupine quill necklace by K/LLER COLLECTION


I dig that swampy sound, so I’ve included some songs that I like, but sonic interpretations can go lots of ways. #earwiggy

A track by SleepOver, called Romantic Streams.

Here’s a cover of “She’s Not There” by Nick Cave and Neko Case. It’s fantastic. Scoot over there and take a listen, for sure.


No more from me. Cheers.

laissez les bon temps rouler,

the girl


why don’t you come on over, valerie?


Hello all. Today is a day for music, maybe.

Shouts out to Ms. Amy Winehouse! Missing you every day. Here is Valerie, one of her best: 


Next, the sweetest heartbreak from JTE: 


A while ago I was lucky enough to see Beirut. I’ve been blessed with the ability and driven with the desire to see many great artists in many great venues, but this one was one of the most gorgeous. Not because I was a die-hard Beirut fan- I wasn’t and am not sure if they illicit that kind of fandom- but because the performance and the artistry of it was unforgettable and exquisite.

Strings of fat-bulbed lights, starting at the stage and dipping low over the heads of the audience, twinkled and burst in time to the rhythms. Beirut’s brass instrumentation, already legendary, flirted shamelessly with the crowd and I’m not the only one who fell in love. If you have the chance to see them, take it. You won’t need to know every song, the musicianship doesn’t rely on that. Wherever you’re going, they can take you there.


Switching gears, but here’s another great song-

Everything To Me, by Lips

And a series of songs by Butterclock. Peep especially this song featuring Rozay:



Raditude Forever


laissez les bon temps rouler,

the girl