visual artists you need to know now, pt. 1: graphics

1. beth hoeckel

Beth Hoeckel is a Baltimore-based artist who works primarily with collage, fusing photography and painting into one dynamic whole. Her interpretation of identity and spectacle are just astonishing; notice how her figures interact with the viewer, and with each other. She also seamlessly connect images and ideas that ought to seem jarring- her skill and her vision is most evident at these seams.



2. retrofuturs

Though a small selection of his works will never do him justice, here are a few choice pieces. He composes thematic collections of graphics, clever with some serious social commentary. He also plays with photography, but some of his text-heavy pieces are just remarkable. Many of his works deal with history and the conflict between past and present. It appears he’s a romantic.


Hope you enjoyed those two. Up next, street art!


laissez le bon temps rouler,

the girl


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