surfing, skating and beyonce baking


Happy late afternoon! This is a big kahuna, a stream-of-consciousness record of my brain-tremors.

To start:

I just consulted the oracle about the origins of “the big kahuna.” Turns out, it’s a Hawaiian word meaning roughly “an elder, a wise man, a priest, an expert.” It was incorporated into surf culture, and came to be a title for the best surfer at the beach, and on and on, now it’s the power drink/burger/burrito at beach bars the world over.I wouldn’t really recommend the google image search of “big kahuna,” it’s particularly uninspired. Almost as uninspired as the one for muumuu, which I was searching because I was wishing I had one of those giant tent dresses, popularized by Kirstie Alley.

The subtle currents of surf and sun and big kahunas must mean summer is on my mind. The subconscious moves in mysterious ways.


Speaking of surfing, let’s take a minute: 

The Z-Boys of Dogtown, y’all. Innovators, whiz-kids, and skate culture revolutionaries.

They invented vertical skating; before them, skateboarding jammed on the flatlands. During a giant drought in in the depths of California’s summer, they started dropping into empty pools. They competed to see who could skate the highest up the sides, over the rim, and eventually verticality was infused into skating. From this, their pavement surfing beginnings:

to this:

to this:

rob lorifice, mega ramp, x-games 16

Pretty fantastic, just like Beyonce. Here are a two great Beyonce songs, the first which I just ran across, and the other which brings me back to my youth.

oh. em. gee.




Onto another beautiful artist, Ghostpoet:

Wake up, lazy bones, and listen. He’s bomb.

I was lucky enough to see him perform at KOKO in London, gin and tonic safely in hand, and it was fantastic. Katy B performed with him briefly. Speaking of brilliant pseudo-r&b artists, The Weeknd. Scoot over to his website to download the album- for $$free.99! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that sound will sink in deep and take root in your brain. Earwiggy.


Lastly, head over to Joseph Gordon Levitt & Co.’s web-based art collaboration station, It’s a bit difficult to navigate (or maybe I’m just not used to it yet) but the idea is literally phenomenal. It’s a crowdsourced art collective, and anyone can get involved. If you’re a creative, you’ll probably enjoy it.

Check out the video “and a new earth” by wirrow, one of the site’s most prolific and popular artists. Here’s one from regularJOE himself, a sweet romance called “Morgan M. Morganstern’s Date with Destiny.” It embodies what the site is all about, as it was created through extensive collaboration.

Well, that’s pretty alright for this week. It’s quite a few videos, hope you enjoy them and it doesn’t take you too long to get through them, if you’re trying to.


laissez les bon temps rouler,

the girl


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